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Security advisories

This page all known Security Advisories for the NetWinder platform. These advisories generally come from upstream sourcees such as RedHat errata, securityfocus.com, and CERT advisories.

Not every upstream advisory results in a NetWinder advisory. This is because many exploits are specific to the x86 architecture, and because the NetWinder ships with a limited set of services enabled by default. As well, most NetWinder users do not have any untrusted local users, so local root exploits are not a great concern.

These advisories are also posted on the NetWinder bugtraq mailing list and newsgroup.

2004-Jan-13 kernel Kernel vulnerability in mremap() function
2003-Dec-06 rsync Remote vulnerability in rsync
2003-Dec-04 kernel Privilege escalation
2003-Sep-16 openssh Possible remote exploit in sshd *
2003-Mar-20 kernel Ptrace vulnerability in kernel
2003-Mar-03 sendmail Remote exploit in sendmail *
2001-Jan-31 bind Multiple vulnerabilities in bind *
2000-Nov-16 modprobe modprobe vulnerability
2000-Jul-18 nfs-utils nfs-utils remote root compromise
2000-Jul-04 man Insecure /tmp files in man
2000-Jun-25 wu-ftpd Buffer overflow in wu-ftpd
2000-Jun-09 kernel Bug in kernel capabilities checks
2000-Apr-07 gpm gpm potential root compromize
2000-Mar-23 kernel Denial-of-service in kernel *
2000-Mar-29 ircii Buffer overflow in ircii
2000-Mar-09 printtool Password compromise in printtool *
2000-Feb-28 nmh Buffer overflow in mhshow
2000-Feb-28 dump Buffer overflow in dump *
2000-Feb-26 man A buffer overflow in man *

Note: The asterisks in the Up column indicate when an advisory has been updated since it was first published.