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Netwinder News

Sep 22 2001 by ralphs

Netwinder.org will be moving to a new home over the next few days. During the changeover period, www.netwinder.org will take you to a temporary site, where we'll post status updates. Mail, news, and FTP will not be available during this time. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Sep 12 2001 by ralphs

A lengthy account on Rebel's demise appeared in the Ottawa Citizen yesterday. Links and discussion also appeared on slashdot.

Jul 18 2001 by ralphs

Stop your mirrors! We've had a couple of incidents of people attempting to mirror the web site using wget or similar tools. Please do not do this! It will try to mirror the HTML versions of the mailing list archives from the autobuild, and even worse, it will wander through the CVSweb interface. This generates billions of bytes, far more than the actual source code. Now we know who the offenders are, and they are being blocked, but to prevent future "mishaps" I decided to post a notice here. Thanks!

Jul 15 2001 by ralphs

We have received many very kind offers to help host or mirror netwinder.org in light of recent events. Many thanks from the netwinder.org crew, we really appreciate the support. We can safely say that the site will live on.

We intend to keep things going as they are for the time being. We're taking steps to allow us to relocate to a new site if that becomes necessary. We'll keep you posted here and on the newsgroups, as we find out more information.

The entire was archived site on Friday July 13th, including web, ftp and cvs. For the time being, we ask that you avoid uploading anything new, since it might get lost. We are also without nightly backups now.

Jul 13 2001 by ralphs

Well the axe has dropped. Rebel.com's creditors have pulled the plug, so things are in a state of turmoil right now. Service was interrupted for a while last night, and future disruptions are possible.

Oh, and incidentally, the UPS supply change only affected the gateway and not netwinder.org itself, so our uptime record still stands!

Jul 10 2001 by ralphs

NetWinder.org will be shut down on Wednesday, July 11th at 17:00 EDT to replace one of the UPS power supplies. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We also lose our wonderful 390-day uptime :(

Jul 09 2001 by ralphs

For the adventurous, a new DM disk image is available on the ftp site. Its not DM-4.0 quite yet, but it's a big step in that direction. For all the details please see this page.

We also actually launched the new website today. It was laying dormant up until now; hopefully it will be well received.

Jun 21 2001 by ralphs

Site reorganization started. Once again we are tinkering with the web site, though this time it will be a gradual (and hopefully continuous) process. As of today we have a slightly revised navigation bar, and the search pages have been consolidated.

Expect some changes in the newsgroups and mailing lists, as well as the good old registration page which is making a comeback. We are hoping to use GNU Mailman to handle much of this, though there is a pesky issue with segfaults in the mail2news gateway scripts (python scripts) that is currently holding us back.

Feb 14 2001 by markk

Updated RPMS to fix the security problem with BIND on ARM are now available. Please see the advisory for details and links to the new RPM packages.