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1. Introduction

Recovering a NetWinder to "factory" conditions has traditionally been a difficult task, since it required a second computer, configured to act as a boot server for the NetWinder. Although this is a flexible solution for technical users, it can be quite difficult for novices to get it to work. Thus, the OfficeServer includes a `Rescue' partition which eliminates the need for a boot server. This document explains how to use the rescue partition to recover a NetWinder to factory condition.

This document therefore is aimed primarily at users of the OfficeServer product, though owners of the Developer model can also benefit. The rescue partition software began shipping on all models beginning in October 1999. For machines shipped prior to that date, the rescue software may be retro-fitted (see chapter 3).

1.1 Other source of information

A lot of NetWinder-specific information can be found in my home page at including a number of other HOWTO's on disk images, kernel and firmware installation and usage.

There is also a wealth of information in the general Linux HOWTO's, most of which apply directly to the NetWinder as well. They can be found in many places on the net, including I'd particularly recommend the Ethernet-HOWTO, the NET-3-HOWTO, and (if networking is all new to you), the Networking-HOWTO. Actually all of them :)

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