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NetWinder HOWTO's

NetWinder HOWTO documents
Last updated by Ralph on Monday, December 17 @ 06:28 PM

The following guides are available to help with common tasks such as firmware, kernel and disk upgrades. Please note that these documents are very NetWinder-specific, and they bear no relationship to similarly-named HOWTOs that you might find at the Linux Documentation Project.

  • The Disk-Update-HOWTO explains how to install new disk images on a NetWinder. Particularly useful for doing upgrades or for rescuing a system that no longer boots.
  • The Firmware-HOWTO explains how to use and update the NetWinder flash memory. This is the equivalent to a normal PC's BIOS, though it has a few more options.
  • The Kernel-HOWTO describes howto compile and install kernels on a NetWinder. It needs to be updated for the 2.2.x and beyond kernel series (soon, I promise!).
  • The Rescue-HOWTO explains how to use the rescue partition used on the OfficeServer (and dm-3.1-15), and how it can be used to easily recover your system.

For your convenience, the HOWTO's are available in a number of different formats. If in doubt, use the first column! File sizes are indicated in kilobytes (kB).

  HTML (individual pages) HTML (one big page) PDF (eg. Acrobat) PostScript DVI SGML Source
Disk-Update-HOWTO 5.5 kB55.9 kB191.9 kB185.5 kB85.0 kB47.5 kB
Firmware-HOWTO 4.2 kB47.7 kB156.2 kB156.9 kB69.0 kB40.9 kB
Kernel-HOWTO 3.3 kB30.6 kB125.8 kB125.1 kB44.3 kB25.6 kB
Rescue-HOWTO 3.2 kB28.8 kB123.7 kB121.4 kB40.9 kB24.3 kB

Your feedback on these documents will help improve future versions. Please direct your comments to the author of the relevant HOWTO.