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About NetWinder

The NetWinder is a small, low power computing platform originally designed by Corel Computer, and later aquired by Rebel.com. The NetWinder measures 10H x 6D x 2W inches (25 x 15 x 5 cm) and packs all of the features of an ordinary PC, including video, sound, hard disk, dual ethernet and more. It runs off a 12V power supply and consumes about 15 watts.

The original NetWinder was designed around the StrongARM 110 processor. For more details please see the ARM info page. In the fall of 2000, Rebel.com developed the second-generation NetWinder, this time based on the Transmeta 5400 processor. Details available on the Crusoe info page. Due to the bankruptcy of Rebel in mid-2001, relatively few of the second-generation units exist.

About NetWinder.org

NetWinder.org is a community site dedicated to supporting programming efforts on the NetWinder hardware architecture. The site was originally sponsored by Corel/Rebel, but since August 2001, has been operated by separately by volunteers and on donated bandwith.

In addition to our extensive FTP site, we also run a mailing list for discussions. (This is a consolidation of our previous multiple lists and news feeds). While the website and list are meant for developers, we do help out when possible with user questions.

All of the content on netwinder.org is freely accessible and freely redistributable. Other than spam-prevention measures on the mailing list, everything is accessible without need to log in or register. We also provide space to host NetWinder-related projects.


The continued operation of the NetWinder.org site is possible due to very kind sponsors.

  • Open Source Lab at Oregon State University hosts the NetWinder.org site. They provide the bandwidth and hardware, and they host a good number of other open source projects as well.
  • LaneChange.net provides DNS services and domain registration for NetWinder.org. Please visit them for all your DNS, mail, and domain management needs.
  • We would also like to thank numerous mirror sites around the world